Males typically ponder, “WHY is it that women of all ages are often captivated to us, and in some cases they are NOT captivated?” A easy breakdown, a number of generalizations will be created for simplicity – ATTRACTION boils down to Polarity and Compatibility. P&C are the two uncooked components.

Polarity, in a nutshell: When a gentleman is sensation extremely masculine (silent, potent, impressive, decisive, assertive, etcetera.) and a lady is sensation feminine (playful, giggly, bubbly, sensitive, open, etcetera.) there is an arc of power that is fashioned among the gentleman and the girl. “Attraction” or “polarity”, whatsoever you want to contact it. (This vitality is incredibly equivalent to magnets.) Note that this will occur for any male and woman, even if they are full strangers. PLASTERING, PAINTING & DECORATION

This is why gals can walk by a building web page, and even even though they would not like a relationship with the building staff, they are not able to aid but come to feel A thing. If the workers are being quite masculine even though the girls walking by are emotion pretty female, attraction will be there, even if they have no real need to act on it. This is why it has been mentioned that “attraction is not a decision”. When a male is remaining pretty masculine about a really female female, like him or not, she will come to feel some polarity with him. How ladies determine to act or not comes down to compatibility, or what is regarded as “complimentary opposites”, as for each the Yin and Yang archetypes.

The girl strolling by that building website could possibly be a law firm, and as these she might have no need to act on her attraction, mainly because in spite of the physical attraction (polarity), she is aware they will not be suitable or even get along. She is intrigued in what legal professionals want – fame, income, power, prestige, etcetera. though he is maybe interested in more simple things this kind of as finding stoned and playing video game titles every weekend. So they could really feel some polarity for each individual other, but realistically points likely would not function out amongst them. He is on a various ‘vibrational frequency’ than she is, and they each know it. He does not have the sophistication or schooling to be just about anything extra than a dildo for her.

Now let’s say that she walks on earlier the building web site and passes by a reiki middle. Another incredibly masculine guy is outdoors, carrying out reiki vitality periods on somebody. He’s in a very masculine state, he is in demand, getting the lead, and potentially keeping another person with his fingers and capturing reiki power inside of of them. The attorney walks by, and they each truly feel the polarity, the bodily attraction, but they continue to have no actual drive to act on it because the reiki healer is miles forward of that lawyers’ consciousness. She’s interested in ability, though he is interested in higher issues like vitality, coronary heart, meditation, and so on.

(Of class I am generalizing, I am surely NOT stating that ‘all attorneys are electrical power hungry’ and ‘all design workers are uneducated’, nor am I stating that ‘all gals are feminine’.)

Again, they can truly feel the polarity, but most likely will not act on it simply because they reside in a various ‘vibrational
frequency’, they live in various worlds, various levels of consciousness, unique beliefs and values.

Lesson: Attraction boils down to polarity and consciousness compatibility

Quite a few Blessings,
Stephane Hemon

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