As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Now that Globalisation is below with us, Africans will need to have to up their game in building methodology to fulfill the recent demand. Challenges this sort of as population explosion, urbanisation, minimal source of materials, cost of labour and so forth should really be resolved.

Throughout the early times, labour was not a main hindrance due to the fact people today could use slaves to create buildings such as Fort Jesus. At this time, in the procedure of developing buildings, the cost of labour has to be incorporated so as to help the challenge to be viable.


Africans ought to embrace new procedures of design applied in other places in the world. The Developing Code in Kenya should really be open up to help other specifications this sort of as American standards which are hugely formulated when it will come to the use of Pre-Engineered Steel buildings. Its also higher time somebody came up with the African Regular no issue how much-fetched this may well audio. When analysis is done on African design procedures these types of as Adobe,timber buildings, a common can originate which will assist the rest of the environment in making their options.


Home grown alternatives to development that have been utilized here in Kenya for hundreds of years can be revived to ease scarcity of housing.

Adobe has been utilized in Kenya for generations.Analysis ought to be carried out to commercialise the use of Adobe in building. Presently, the Indian and Chinese are exporting cement-fibre boards for use as wall panels. If the Adobe know-how is researched even more, am sure another person enterprising more than enough will soon come up with a edition equivalent to the cement-fibre boards and ease the value of development.
Planet-main Global multinationals in cement this sort of as La Farge also began from the to start with step so its in no way far too late.


China and India are producing great enterprise exporting ceramic tiles to Kenya. Ceramic tiles are essentially created from clay soil which we have in plenty listed here in Kenya.

Our ancestors have been earning clay pots for various centuries now working with Clay. Manufacturing of ceramic tiles is identical to the common system of baking clay pots. As a result, if an enterprising Kenyan can appear up with a process of professional manufacturing of ceramics, we will not want to import this “Asian Soil” to Kenya.


The most pricey roofing item in the industry is the stone-coated metal tile-thatch roof-profile. This is offered in Kenya by corporations these kinds of as South African Harvey Roofing Items, Australian Decra Area and Fashion, and Dura Roofing Tiles.

These roofing tile imitates thatch roof which we have been working with for hundreds of years right here in Kenya. This is because thatch roof has the best aesthetic glimpse and insulation. This is also another avenue that Africans can get the job done on to enhance on the supply of construction components.


The most high priced paint in the market at the minute is the Rough textured paint these kinds of as ‘Crown Ruff n Tuff’. Yet again this paint is pricey because it tries to capture the very good appears to be of Adobe mud wall and also the superior insulation attributes of the Adobe mud walls.

The Adobe mud walls have been in use in Africa for Generations. If we can operate on bettering this and producing it for the World wide industry, then we will help save a great deal of international exchange and make employment.

Some factories in South Africa are production plastic imitations of thatch which is exported to the relaxation of the globe. If we can place in some analysis, we can definitely occur up with a resolution that is better than the present imitations.

HARDWOOD Doors & Home furniture

The most expensive doors in the industry at the minute are hand-curved hardwood doorways. In Kenya, we have the spectacular Swahili doors. Yet again, it these are made for export to the world wide marketplace, then this will result in creation of positions and revenues below in Africa.

In Kenya, we have quite imaginative stick and wooden home furniture that is traditional. This can be made commercially for export. A fantastic instance is the Bamboo household furniture offered at Ramboo, Mombasa Highway, manufactured in South Africa and exported to Kenya.

Flooring TILES

Imported slate-stone counter tops and flooring tiles are incredibly high-priced. In Kenya we have Mazeras stone ground finishes which if perfectly lower and polished, can be a big export for the Nation. As a result, its essential to notice that Africa has the opportunity to supply the environment with unique development substance. All we need to do is to assume outside the box and provide the planet with distinctive development solutions at a lower cost.

This is a sleeping big waiting to be awoken in this sector. Lets hope that the new constitution will awaken this huge.

Architect Frank Gichuhi

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