Are you setting up on developing a chicken coop but get puzzled on some of the terminology? I want to share these essential phrases you may well want to know and what they imply to you when you might be creating a chicken coop.


A truss on any framework is at the prime of the roof a frame. The truss when constructing a chicken coop will also be located at the top rated of your roof. The truss can be pre-fabricated or designed in put the trusses increase stability and condition to your roof.


A stud is a single piece of lumber that is employed for walls or any other solitary piece of framing lumber material put in a vertical placement for constructing your coop.

Corner Posts

The corner put up for setting up a hen coop are 4″x 4″ posts set on to a concrete footing and secured with a foundation publish saddle strap.

Concrete Footing

Your footings are quite vital for toughness and to permit for the fencing to preserve predators out. You can dig corner publish footings 8″ diameter and 12″ in depth for your base publish straps. The alternative selection is to dig a 4″ large by 6″ deep continuous footing at the perimeter of the coop.

Concrete Combination

Your concrete footings are a mixture of sand, rock, and Portland cement. The mixture system is 3 heaping shovels of sand 2 heaping shovels of rock and 1 heaping shovel of type 2 Portland cement Upcoming, increase water and combine to a thick consistency, becoming positive to make it not far too dry and not way too soaked. The foundation post saddles should be set as quickly as the concrete combination can guidance the pounds of the base post saddles.

Base Put up Saddle Straps

As stated with the corner submit set up, when developing a rooster coop you will want to safe your publish at the bottom of the posts with a Simpson foundation article saddle strap. These come in various dimensions dependent on the dimension of your put up. The dimension you will most possible be utilizing will be a 4″ saddle for the publish and a 6″ embedding.

Simpson Strap and Plate Fasteners

When you’re making a chicken coop, fasteners develop into pretty beneficial. They come in a variety of measurements and are applied for several set up phases of your task. Some of the fasteners you will have to have are: 90 deg. Stud fasteners, joist hangers corner plate fasteners, and flat plat fasteners to connect at a butt stop of two studs or sheathing.

Typical Fastener

A common fastener is commonly galvanized screws or galvanized nails. Both of those screws and nails are created in unique sizes and lengths. Use the correct size and size of fastener to match the lumber you are making use of.


The resources you will be utilizing are: Framing hammer, finish hammer, hand noticed, coping saw, electric power circular observed, ½” or 3/8″ drill driver, Standard screw bit and Philip head little bit, table saw, chop observed, pencil, tape evaluate, square, 2 ft. level.

When you’re making a chicken coop and purchasing components, these terms should support you to connect with your hardware and lumber provider. Now that you know what all these terms suggests you will have an easier time building your rooster ranch, large or smaller.

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